Company Incorporation

Achieve a tax-efficient corporate structure and avoid costly restructures required to prepare for potential raising or exit opportunities.

Is your start-up ready to launch its products or services to the market?

Are you looking for company incorporation services in Australia? With the assistance of our legal bot technology, we  incorporate your startup  within 24 hours or less. 

3 simple steps to launch your startup:
  • Company Incorporation
  • Company Constitution
  • TFN, GST & PAYG Registration

Company Incorporation in Australia

With our Australian company incorporation services, you will achieve a tax-efficient corporate structure while protecting both company and personal assets. We also have the methods to ensure your corporate structure provides flexibility to avoid costly restructures required to prepare for potential exit or growth opportunities, such as business sales, entry/exit of investors or public listings.


Let’s talk numbers


New companies

are incorporated in Australia every day


Of startups

only launch with funding from the founders


Startup capital

The median startup capital is $10,000

Frequently Asked Questions

When you consider availing legal company formation or incorporation services for your startup or business, it is normal to have a lot of questions cross your mind. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by start up founders and business owners like yourself in regards to company incorporation in Australia.

Critical times to consider incorporating your startup are: 

  1. before launching your product or service to the market; 
  2. before a co-founder joins; and 
  3. 0if you want to issue shares to new investors or run an employee share scheme. 

The benefits of incorporating a startup are: 

  1. asset protection for the co-founders if the startup fails; 
  2. the ability to define each co-founders’ shareholding upfront, which reduces the likelihood of ownership disputes between co-founders; 
  3. access to flat company tax rates, which are currently 25% for companies with turnover up to $50 million and 30% for companies with turnover over $50 million. 

We can incorporate your new company within 24 hours from you obtaining your director identification number and signing all forms in our company incorporation pack.

Launch your startup journey with us.