Employment Agreements

Instantly get affordable, fully automated, standard employment agreements that serve you and your startup business without leaving your office.

Employment Agreement

Get fully customised and ready-to-go employment agreements with legal sign-off by a real lawyer within 24 hours or less – with the assistance of our legal bot technology.

AUD 525.00 inclusive of all taxes

inclusive of all taxes

Our employment agreement solution include:

Choose between full-time, part-time, fixed-term or casual employment.

Protect confidential information and intellectual property.

Editable Word document instantly ready for download.

Review and legal sign-off by our expert lawyers within 24 hours or less.

Detailed non-compete clauses.

Detailed non-solicitation clauses. 

Phone and email support.

Advice on applicable award and classification.

7-day money back guarantee.


Giving you the right advice to launch, raise & grow faster.

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Our customised Employment Agreements include :

  • Employment agreements for general staff.
  • Employment agreements for key staff & executives.
  • Independent contractor agreements.


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