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Protect the value of your shareholding in your startup by defining the direction of your newly incorporated startup, as well as each co-founder’s shareholding percentages and contributions to your venture.

Shareholders Agreement

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Our shareholders agreement solution include:

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Our shareholder's agreement solutions include :

  • Shareholder’s Agreements.
  • Company Constitutions.
  • Buy-Sell Deeds.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you consider availing shareholder agreement services for your start up or business, it is normal to have a lot of questions cross your mind. Our real lawyers have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by start up founders and business owners like yourself.

Helpie FAQ

  • What is a shareholders agreement? 

    A shareholders agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a company (and the company) intended to regulate their rights and obligations.

  • What is the difference between a shareholders agreement and a constitution? 

    A company constitution can be replaced by a 75% shareholder vote, where a shareholders agreement can only be replaced on agreement of all parties to the shareholders’ agreement. 

  • What does a shareholders’ agreement cover? 

    A shareholders agreement usually covers: 

    1. which shareholders will have the right to appoint a representative director 
    2. weight of votes (whether each representative director will have one equal vote or whether their vote will be based on the percentage of the shares held by their appointing shareholder) 
    3. drag along rights (the right of a majority shareholder to force minority shareholders to join in selling their shares to a third party) 
    4. tag along rights (the right of minority shareholders to elect to join a sale where a majority shareholder is selling its shares to a third party) 
    5. buy-out mechanisms (such as “Texas shoot-out clauses” or “Russian roulette clauses”) 
    6. protection of confidential information and intellectual property 
    7. non-compete and non-solicitation clauses 
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