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Nurture your new venture with the right business legal services, at the right time. Protect your intellectual property and investment with our tailored services so you can focus on growing

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Private mergers & acquisitions

With extensive experience in negotiating and closing business sales and share transactions, we narrow down the key issues quickly, thereby accelerating the negotiation process. We give definitive advice and help our clients assess commercial risk, which is why our clients trust us with their deals.

Corporate structuring

With our corporate structuring services, you’ll achieve a tax-efficient corporate structure while protecting both company and personal assets. We also have the methods to ensure your corporate structure provides flexibility to avoid costly restructures required to prepare for potential exit or growth opportunities.


Trade marks

Registering your trade mark is the single biggest bang for buck investment you can make in your business. Having a registered trade mark can significantly increase the attractiveness and sale price of your business.

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We are excited to announce we have fully automated our shareholders agreement.

With 24/7 access from anywhere, get a ready-to-go shareholders agreement by interacting with our legal bot.

Shareholders agreement

Protect the value of your shareholding in your start-up by defining the direction of your newly incorporated start-up, as well as each co-founders’ shareholding percentages and contributions to your venture.


Alvin Khoury

What are SAFE Notes?

SAFE Notes were designed to accelerate the seed funding round for startups by providing a standard, short document to simplify negotiations. Learn more about SAFE Notes in our latest article.

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