Startup Structuring

With our startup structuring services, you will achieve a tax-efficient corporate structure while protecting both company and personal assets.

How can we help in Startup Structuring?

We have the methods to ensure your corporate structure provides flexibility to avoid costly restructures required to prepare for potential exit or growth opportunities.

Some of the ways we can get your startup ready for your next capital raise or exit event are:


Giving you the right advice to launch, raise & grow

1/Know your business

We speak with you to learn more about your startup.

2/Study the problem

We prepare the cap table for your proposed capital raising.

3/Work with you

We prepare the share subscription agreements and company secretarial documents.

4/Provide actionable advice

We update the ASIC register to reflect the new shareholding.

What is startup structuring?

Startup structuring involves selecting the most suitable legal entities and ownership structure for your startup. Choosing the most suitable is important to ensure your startup is ready to seize capital raising and exit opportunities.

Examples include companies, unit trusts, discretionary trusts, partnerships, and joint ventures.

The most suitable legal entity will depend on the type of business and your goals for the future. Corporate structuring can also be used to restructure an existing corporate structure.


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