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Registering your trade mark is the single biggest bang for buck investment you can make for your startup. Having a registered trade mark can significantly increase the attractiveness and sale price of your startup.

How can we help in trade marking?

Having the earliest priority date possible is essential in case someone else files a similar trade mark. Therefore, you should protect and register your trade mark as soon as possible, as the priority date for a trade mark is the date it is filed.

Some of the ways we can protect your brand:


Giving you the right advice to launch, raise & grow faster.

1/Know your business

We speak with you to learn more about your brand or product.

2/Study the problem

We conduct trade mark conflict searches to determine the viability of your trade mark application

3/Work with you

 We prepare the scoping for the classes of goods and services to be claimed in your trade mark application.

4/Provide actionable advice

 We file your trade mark application and monitor progress.

By trade marking your brand…

The owner of a registered trade mark has the exclusive rights to use the trade mark and authorise other persons to use the trade mark to the goods and/or services in respect of which the trade mark is registered.  This means you can stop someone else from using a trade mark for goods or services that are the same or similar to the goods or services covered by your registered trade mark.

Registered trade marks can also be sold, transferred or licensed to another person and even encumbered.  A registered trade mark lasts 10 years, and can be continually renewed for successive 10 year periods by paying a renewal fee.


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