Employee Share Schemes

Attract, reward and retain your top talent. Learn how you can retain and entice new talent with employee share schemes to join your startups.

How can we help with setting up your employee share scheme?

We can help launch your ESS or employee share option scheme(ESOP) and provide legal advice on your ESS obligations and reporting requirements to offer ESS interests to employees at a discount.

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Employee Share Option Plan – Legal Advice

Alvin Legal provides a wide range of legal advice on all aspects of employee share schemes(ESS) and esops, including whether the tax concession for startups is available.

We will work with you to select the right ESS or employee share option scheme(ESOP) for your startup.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you consider availing legal services for your start up or business, it is normal to have a lot of questions cross your mind. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by start up founders and business owners like yourself.

Under an ESS, the employee is issued shares upfront. 

Under an ESOP, the employee is granted options, which can only be converted into shares at a later date once the vesting conditions have been satisfied. 

Startups use ESOPs to attract, retain and incentivize top talent. 

Yes. The tax concession for startups allows employees who otherwise would have to include the amount of a discount in their assessable income to disregard that amount where certain conditions are met. 

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